Monday, October 10, 2011

Who will Help Prepare the Fleece?

It's that Time Again!!

Who will help us cut the fleece?

All 2,700 YARDS!


”Who will help prepare the fleece?”

The only requirement is willingness of heart and body; 

we could use quite a few.

Oh and... 

If you have some sharp scissors, rotary cutters and pads...those may be helpful too!!

Where: FBCW 3rd floor of the W building, music ministry hallway.

When: Beginning this

Tuesday October 11th - 9am to 2pm

Wednesday October 12th - 9am to 2pm

Thursday October 13th - 9am to 2pm

Friday October 14th - 9am to 2pm if necessary
(We may also include some evening hours as well...we'll keep you posted!)

Depending on the numbers who volunteer, we may finish earlier in the week.

Message or call 404-431-7771 us back if you can help prepare the fleece for LoveLoud 2011.


btw, if you do not live in the Atlanta area please pray for our local volunteers!

To wrap our neighbors in home-spun blessings of love and hope through the simple gift of a hand-knotted blanket. To share the message that, through Christ, we are connected by grace, yet free to choose our own way. Tied, but never attached! In this way, being the hands, feet and loving arms of Christ as we are called to do in 1Peter 5:2-3

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