Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Angels Among Us

As we've witnessed so many times before with this ministry, it's not really about the blankets, scissors or's about God touching a life and sending a personal love letter to His children.

Last year our little blanket ministry exploded. What we had in mind was, well...what WE had in mind, but God had other plans.

When God provided us with 40 pair of 'My-T-Fine' electric scissors last year, we had no clue how it would change what we did as a ministry. It increased our output by at least 5 times. Impressive? Yes! The time and work saved was incredible! But the more important change came by allowing so many more people to be involved in our mission and the ability to touch that many more lives.

We were ecstatic!

This year our shears began to exhibit wear and tear from the beating they were subjected to last year. Recently we learned: Fleece is one of the most damaging fabric to scissors in general, including our My-T-fines. Did you all know that? Well, it is.

MTF's are designed to be 'self sharpening'.

Soooo we were surprised to learn our dull blades could not be sharpened by a local sharpening service, instead would have to be replaced at a cost of $34.95 for a 2 blade set, that's $699 to replace all the blades in our flock of shears. Considering the electric scissors miraculous sale price of $5.99 a pair last year, we were a bit puzzled but persevered.

Knowing that none of this came as any surprise to God, we simply continued preparing, putting one foot in front of the other until the Lord revealed what He had in mind.

Our local sharpener turned Blanket Angel, Dick Baker, tuned our shears and sharpened the blades as best he could, but he could not guarantee them. All this, Mr. Baker did at no charge-his contribution to FFF & our LoveLoud project.

Between yesterday and today 3 more angels among us stepped in to drop our replacement blade cost to $7.50 each...AMAZING! Our God is so good!

The truly incredible part of these events involves the personal interactions we've had as a results of solving the dull blade problem. Neighbors...friends...children of God, He drew us together so each one might bless the other.  Don't you LOVE how God works?

Tonight and in the days to come, please remember to:
  • Give prayers of thanks and gratitude that our Heavenly Father has allowed us to be a part of all HE has in mind. 
  • Pray that we not get so side tracked with our plans that we miss Him. 
  • Lift up prayers of thanks, comfort, gratitude and healing for Kim, Kristy, Dick. Philip, Mary and Aaron.  
 Remember, just as our blanket message reads:

"...we may not know each one by name and face, our God does"

 because of that, we can rest assured He will meet each specific need!

May we ALL keep in mind,

“God not only loves you very much but also has put His hand on you for something special”
1 Thessalonians 1:4

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation specifically for our scissor blade replacements, message us for details.

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