Friday, October 14, 2011

This Time Next Week - Be a Blessing!

The first blanket angel arrived at 8:30. 

For an hour or so, we worked alone. With so many yards yet to be worked, the day was looking long. 
and then....others fluttered in 
 and buzzing of shears filled the hall. 
 By 5:45 today, 
mission was accomplished!

30 Football fields of fleece were cut, matched and bundled in preparation for LoveLoud 2011!!

Please join us October 20-22, between 8:30am-8:30pm Thursday & Friday and Saturday, 8:30-3pm to fringe, tie, pray and present over 1000 blankets to neighbors and friends.

This year we will be stationed in the Magnolia Room. We hope you will stop in, step out as your schedule allows. Bring friends, neighbors and family-we have something for everyone!

We all know children; perhaps in our neighborhood, our workplace, our community, or within our own family. Of these children, how many do we know who have left war-torn countries in search of freedom, suffered religious persecution, experienced famine and pestilence before the age of five, or watched with their very own eyes as their parents were killed by the Taliban government?
  We can find hundreds of children with just such stories living right in our own backyard, 
in Clarkston, Georgia

This year, the bulk of the blankets tied during LoveLoud will be personally delivered to the children of the Clarkston Georgia International Community. With over 150 different ethnic groups represented within and around the city, Clarkston Georgia has been named, 'The most diverse square mile in American' by the New York Times.

So...SAVE the DATES and this time next week,

Be a Blessing!

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