Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And a Child Shall Lead Them

This story was messaged to us over night and too sweet not to share.

"I wanted to tell you what my 2nd grade SS class did yesterday. 

Inspired by Fleece for the Flocks, I went to Hancock's and got the fleece for one blanket. My 2nd-graders tied the knots yesterday. I wish you could have heard them praying over the blanket. They truly felt in their hearts what it would be like to be given this blanket. Their prayers were so sincere as they prayed for protection of the blanket that it wouldn't be lost or stolen, that it would make the recipient happy, that they would be blessed! It was so precious. I love getting to watch the Lord work in the hearts of our precious children!"

Join us in 

Bring your children, your neighbors, family and friends.

For an hour, for a blanket, for the day.  We will be fringing, tying, signing cards and praying over hundreds of fleece blankets and would love for you and yours to share in the blessing.

Don't forget, we will have many opportunities to personally deliver these loving bundles to our neighbors throughout the Atlanta area.

Can't be there personally?   Please share this opportunity with your family, friends & neighbors.  Message them, tweet about it,  post a message to you wall!  No excuses, EVERYONE can participate in some way!

Be a Blessing!!...and "Let Your Love GROW………" I Thess 3:12

For less than $10 you can wrap your neighbor in home-spun blessings of love and hope through the simple gift of a hand-knotted blanket.   Message us for details in making a tax deductible donation for this year’s blanket projects including some of the following:

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