Wednesday, November 3, 2010

893 Blankets or 2679 yards to Go!

Good evening all!

Hope you all are having a wonderful and warm week.  Fall has finally arrived in Georgia with reminders of so much we take for granite, like working furnaces, winter jackets and warm blankets.

Urgent Need: With this years Heavenly Harvest Hoedown just 9 days away (Saturday November 13th) , we continue to trust and believe God will provide means to have the fabric necessary to fulfill these needs this fall. We just received more than 1100 yards of fleece last week, but still need 2,740 yards by November 13th to finish this task.

893 blankets to go!

We don't have a preference as to how we get the fabric, by fleece or cash donation, so long as we have the necessary yardage to provide 280 blankets to impoverished folks of West Virginia and 1000 blankest to the international children of Clarkston Georgia.

FFF is able to procure fleece at significant savings over local retail stores.  With the same $12 you might spend per blanket, we can purchase fabric for nearly 2 blankets.   Just something to consider when considering how you may help.

We need an additional 53 rolls of fleece. For each $125 donation, we can purchase one more (50 yard) roll, or 16.6 blankets for the needy.

Please consider what you might do this holiday season.

For those who have asked, we will NOT be preparing the 60 yard rolls of fabric prior to the HHH.  The electric scissors have enabled us to quickly cut and prepare thousands of yards in record time, in doing so, we could once again have an all day job completed in a couple of hours if we do too much advance work.  Right now our top priority is collecting the needed funds/fleece to see this project through.

Blessings to you all and a big thank you for all the ways you continue to support this blanket ministry!

To make an online tax deductible contribution for this blanket project go here, then under 'Special Offering', enter
'Account #25238 - Project Code 4373',
this will direct your funds to the purchase of fleece specifically for Clarkston, Georgia.

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