Saturday, November 14, 2009

Entertaining Angels Unware

Blanket angels come in all shape and sizes and usually when you least expect them.

Case in point: This week we have literally been up to our elbows in fleece, thanks to gifting from many generous donors and kind hearts in unexpected places all over the country.

Starting with Debbie, Julie, Anne, Jennifer and the whole crew at Hancock Fabric off Canton Road.

Not only did this group forgo the standard,
"We can't make these decisions, you have to run it past cooperate" WITHOUT even knowing what you might need or why.

No, Hancock's quickly found a way to accommodate us in very generous ways. Though we virtually cleaned them out of fleece fabric this past Monday and Tuesday, they continued to be helpful and thoughtful to the point of posting and promoting our blanket event in both English and Spanish in their store windows and at their counter!

Store Manger Julie

Julie and Anne

Next the 'F-Team' spent 3 afternoons this week

cutting hundreds of yards of fleece from rolls and bolts.

Despite some reservations regarding our fabric choices

everyone worked with a glad the most part...

(any of rumors of FBCW running a sweat shop on the third floor are just false or... at least greatly exaggerated.) It was sweaty for some...but, well let's not go there today, okay?

After 3 days of blood, sweat and jeers

(scissor blisters can be painful!!)

we were down to the fringing stage.

On Friday, beginning at 8am, we held the first of two mini Flock parties at American Heritage Academy. Mrs. Huffman's 1st grade class was first and today they learned a bit about geography, Social Studies, good citizenship and empathy for others.

Once these little Blanket Angels learned how they could help the families of

McDowell County have a nice, warm holiday,

they tied hundreds of love knots and within one hours time, finished six blankets. Mrs. Huffman's class were genuinely moved, plan to send goody stuffed socks and personal hand written cards and letters with their blankets to their counterparts in West Virginia.

By days end on Friday, our area Daisy Troop followed

Mrs. Huffman's class lead and tied six blankets of their own.

Oh!! Least I forget, when I got home Thursday afternoon from a day of fleece, I spotted 2 large shipping boxes in my library addressed to Mary and I. Once opened, we discovered a treasure trove of 14 beautiful blankets courtesy of Fleece for the Flock supporters in Maryland. Seems this was the harvest of their latest Girls Night. Brought me to tears yet again y'all!

tammy and mary

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