Thursday, June 25, 2009

Love Letters from God

On June 24th Mary and I were privileged to be attend a surprise birthday celebration for the children attending Royal Family Kids Camp 2009.
We planned on sharing photos from this outing, but due to security concerns and more disturbing, issues some of the children have with being photographed there was only one designated photographer and videographer allowed at the party. These necessary restrictions limited the images we might have shared with you otherwise.

In lieu of the photos I will do my best to describe the afternoon’s festivities.

As we pulled into the beautiful wooded camp grounds we could sense the tranquility and love covering the place. A number of workers and volunteers were scurrying to finish preparation for the afternoons blow out Birthday bash. The party area was edged by cover decorated tents where tables of snacks, drinks and party games sat in anticipation of the merriment to come.

Adjacent to the play area was a petting zoo with an interesting assortment of mammals, birds and reptiles that included an Australian Bearded Dragon, a pair of darling hedge hogs and the biggest floppy eared bunny I have ever seen.
Did I mention the Wombat?
Before long the campers arrived and immediately dove in with both feet. Donning Hawaiian lei's and grass skirts the shindig was in full swing in no time at all.
One little Flock member got to help celebrate with the campers and help deliver blankets.

There was face painting, balloon sculpture, hula hooping, limbo, whirly bird twirls, watermelon eating contests, a funky line dance routine and some kind of wild and woolly game that involved wrapping some partners or opposing player (I'm not sure) in toilet paper - they kind of got that game going before I was aware of all the particular instructions, but by the looks of things everyone had a great time!
After 2 hours of intense revelry the party goers were moved indoors - to the Main Event a surprise birthday party for every camper.
The main building on site had it's windows blackened and was locked during the pre-party in an attempt to maintain some element of surprise for the campers.

It worked....beautifully!

Some 40 kids were led into a darkened room to have the lights turned on and reveal five adorable hand puppets leading the rest of us in a chorus of Birthday singing. The kids were beside themselves with joy! The room was filled with brightly decorated round tables with stars and crowns everywhere and each place setting sporting a shoebox sized birthday gift box, party crown, streamers and horns.

Oh the horns!

You have never heard such a chorus of noise that 40 birthday horns can produce. This symphony went on for several minutes until the camp director gave instructions for everyone to cut loose once more for during a 20 second count after which they would need to put them away until they were outside where they were welcome to continue their concert.
After opening their personal treasure packed gift boxes, they were presented with the most darling Birthday cake. The sheet cake icing was sectioned off into little squares, with little detailed caricature portraits of each camper filling each box. Lest anyone get confused, each child's name was written underneath each picture.

We watched as one little guy repeatedly told his big camper buddy (counselor)
"But it's not my birthday."
To which it was explained that this was not a celebration of the day he was born, but rather the celebration of his very birth!

There was so much going on that we nearly forgot to present the blankets - really!
Once we told them of the special knot blankets made and prayed over by members of our Fleece for the Flock family we were surrounded as each child wanted to know which one would be theirs. We felt a bit like a Rock Star or the Ice Cream man.

The oohs and aah's and sheer delight as boys hoped for camo or sport prints, while girls wondered if their blanket would be made in their favorite color.

Without exception, each child was ecstatic over their gift.

As you read this LONG post, think on what may have been accomplished with this project. We are not talking about the events that encompassed these few hours yesterday, but the unknown impact these simple kindness's may have had on these precious lives. The ramification which may not be known this side of heaven. We can only continue to pray it is so.

Right now, we do know that with your help 41 abused and neglected children received a glimpse of God’s unconditional love and formed many new and wonderful memories. Because of simple, beautiful blankets - knotted in love and covered in prayer you helped send these little ones a love letter from God.

Thank you for using your heart, talent and resources in completing this project. Without your generosity, this would not be possible.

We can hardly wait to do it again!

much love,
mary and tammy


  1. Sorry all! Looks like I sent you the wrong links to our page. Please bookmark this page to check out the latest from the fold!

  2. Tammy & Mary,
    The Lord is using you to give these little lambs a very special covering of more ways than one. May He bless you and encourage you as you seek to "feed My sheep" -- as He told Peter --and give them what they need most. Love, Polly :)

  3. Justin LOVES his blanket!!! Thank you for all your love!!!!

  4. This is very exciting to see Christ move through this ministry by loving and serving others. These blankets not only will be a physical comfort but also a significant reminder to each receiver that Jesus loves them and they belong to his flock:).

    Love, Melissa

  5. Dearest Tammy, I want to thank you for coming to R... Dearest Tammy,
    I want to thank you for coming to Royal Family Kids Camp last Wednesday and bringing Kyra with you! I am glad you were able to experience a part of our special camp! The game you saw going on during the luau was called "OMC" "Organized Mass Chaos". It is a timed individual and team game where in they earn points. As you saw it was outrageously fun!

    I want you to thank your entire Fleece for the Flock team for the beautiful fleece blankets! Even as hot as it was...MID 90's...some of the children carried the blankets with them ALL DAY LONG for the rest of the week! They will be loved and treasured for many years to come! I know that each of you loved and prayed over every cut and every knot and every child. On behalf of our RFKC Woodstock team I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, time and talents! What a blessing you are not only to the children, but also to us!

    Please thank Fleece for the Flock! May God continue to bless each of you individually and consecutively!

    Much love,
    Miss Gina

  6. I ditto those comments!
    It didn't matter how hot it was, those children LOVED their blankets! That is something I believe they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to these children, we have all been blessed by your team.
    By the way, I LOVE your website, it truly blessed me to see your comments from the camp!!!
    Tasha :)